"Sa carapigna" is a sherbet that is gotten with a particular procedure: on the fund of a great wood tub it is put some ice, on wich it is inserted a metallic cylindrical container full of water, sugar and juice of lemon. The gap among the two containers is filled with other ice and salt. Then, the inside container, rotating on itself in hourly sense and counterclockwise, will provoke the congelation of part of the content, that, amalgamate with a special wood shovel, it will give birth to the sherbet.

Preserved documents in the file of State of Cagliari make to go up again this tradition to the first halves the '600, when the king Filippo IV of Spain had granted to some applicants to be able to provision the city of Cagliari with the snow coming from the mountains of Aritzo, behind a lavish payment to the regal treasures.

The so-called "niargios", they picked up the snow in special pits, primarily in the mountain of 2Funtana Cugnada" where today the ruins can still be admired.
Then, in the summer the snow was transportedi n the various towns of the island and particularly to Cagliari, over that for the production of the sherbet, also to refrigerate the drinks.

The bookkeeping books guarded in the file of State document the existence of the activity, regulated by the State, up to the half of the '800. Subsequently having abdicated the State the monopoly, sees the profits by now derisive, the industry of the snow was brought before freely from the people of aritzo up to the first years of the '900, when the birth to Cagliari of a factory of ice, decidedly made the traditional activity to be antieconomic.

Today, to remember this activity they remain "su camminu de is niargios" (the track for reaching "Funtana Cugnada"), the ruins de "is domos de su nie" and since a few years the festival that is held during the 15th of August: during this festival the visitors can admire the  the preparation of the  ancient sherbet.