Le Barbagie

The "Barbagie"

The "Barbagia" represents the most hidden and most ancient part of Sardinia. The "Romans" called Barbarians the people of these parts becouse of their tenacity to the dominion of the conquerors. The vastness of the mountains of the Gennargentu, that occupies the whole center-oriental part of the island, together with the difficulties of communication for the geographical and cultural differences, has created some divisions inside this area. So, when we speak about Barbagia, we exactly speak  about four different "Barbagia": The "Barbagia" of Ollollai, the "Barbagia" of Mandrolisai, the "Barbagia" of Belvi and the "Barbagia" of Seulo.
The landscape is that one of the tall hill and of the Sardinian mountain, that  preserve the naturalistic merits with woods of live oaks and rocky tops, populated by the wild boars by the mouflons and by the birds of prey.
The "Barbagia" is the heart of the Sardinian tradition, and it had an important part in the history and in the civilization of the Country. There are monuments belonging to all the epochs, from the "domus de janas" and from the "menhirs" of the Neolithic to the "graves of the giants" and the "nuraghi", to the beautiful gothic and Catalans churches.
Ancient Sardinian culture is expressed in ancient rites, in the splendid customs, in the pagan parties of the carnival as in the religious feasts and in a handicraft production that is among the most alive and refined of the island.

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